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   Pro Help Software for factories

For the first time in Egypt, Polymac is introducing the only specialized software system for monitoring, controlling and maintaining a Plastic production facility.

Innovation software system:

The software supplied by Mattec Corporation is the world leader in the field, with such an easy to use interface for all operators and a relatively quick installation time, through the Prohelp software factories are able to accomplish great benefits such as:

- Real time display of all machines with real time live information arriving directly to the system.

- compatible with all types and brands of machines, injection molding, blow molding, extrusion...etc

- Complete reports about any data required including: downtime, uptime, scrap percent, operator efficiency, machines behind target, machines on target, cycle time control...etc

- 24 hrs monitoring of all machines

- Scrap parts monitoring and control through alarms and limits

- Cycle time monitoring and control through alarms and limits

- applies the concept of preventive maintenance to reduce downtime

- possibility to link the system in different locations such as headquarters, factories allowing the upper management to monitor and control the factory from any location.

- Sophisticated alarming system uses: light and sound alarms, voice alarms, takes action such as send several Emails automatically to the related departments in case of need.

- Program is available in both English and Arabic.

For more details please contact us for a demonstration.




>> October 27th, 2010

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