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Injection Molding

Polymac is proud to be associated with one of the world leaders in the field of Plastic Injection Molding. Over the last 20 Years Demag and Polymac have built a large reference of projects in different fields in Egypt, our machines are running in more that 30 factories in Egypt with complete satisfactory performance.

Investing in a Demag Machine, is a life time investment with a guarantee of German performance and constant output quality essential for today's ever increasing demand for accuracy.


New Variety of Models for different applications

SYSTEC - Powerful and Energy Efficient

The Systec is a hydraulic injection moulding machine from the European product range of Sumitomo (SHI) Demag. It is characterized by sturdy and compact design, and offers much clearance for large moulding dies.

Modular injection units for the most versatile and varied plasticating jobs, various configuration levels, and a comprehensive range of options make the Systec a real flexible machine for practically any production job.

The Systec class is available with clamping forces from 250 through 20,000 kN


El-Exis - High Performance Fast Cycling

The El-Exis sets tomorrow‘s standards of precision and speed. Extremely fast travel and injection cycles are easily achieved without sacrificing in precision and safety. For thin-walled and packaging parts with minimum tolerances, as well as, for fast-cycling and precision applications employing high injection pressures, and in each clamping force range from 1,000 to 7,000 kN. Integral to achieving this is the unique combination of electric and hydraulic drives. Independent control loops operating in parallel for the clamping unit, injection unit and secondary movements, allow the El-Exis to realise extremely fast, harmonic and consistent movement cycles. The speed and response required for high-precision, fast-cycling parts during plasticising and injection are generated by the El-Exis at two levels


IntElect - The Precise Machine

The fully-electric machine concept from Sumitomo (SHI) Demag is based on innovative direct drive technology. Direct drive machines offer increased energy efficiency while their greater responsiveness ensures that they can achieve higher levels of precision, improved repeatability and shorter cycle times than indirect electric drives. That means our electric machines are best equipped to solve the challenges faced by manufacturers of mass-produced precision parts.



>> October 27th, 2010

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